Bold New Design for BMC Website

About the Website Design:

The website for Bat Mitzvah Clubs International had to reach three different target groups: the pre-teen girls that the club represents, the leaders who guide them and the girls’ parents. In order to do that, we needed to make the site fun and colorful to speak to the youthful energy, but also mature (as no pre-teen girl likes to be lumped into the kid category).

Because the BMC is a club for all types of Jewish girls, we curated images that are more conservative in dress than the average pre-teen: long sleeves, high necks, no pants, limited jewelry and little, if any, make-up. Yet, the girls couldn’t look frumpy or outdated. It was a challenge, but I think we pulled it off.

The BMC is a members-only-type club, meaning leaders have to be registered in order to see and purchase merchandise for their girls. In order to make the website compatible with this need, we needed to create an online store that can only be seen by those who are logged in.

We offered a small, sneak peek of a few of the products in order to whet the appetites of potential leaders, but they are unable to purchase material unless they have signed up with the program.

About Bat Mitzvah Clubs International:

Founded in 1993 by a mother and educator with a passion for teaching ‘tween girls, Bat Mitzvah Clubs International empowers young Jewish girls to become a strong, smart, spiritual individual who understands there’s more to a Bat Mitzvah than a party.

After teaching 11- and 12-year old girls for a number of years, the BMC founder started the club to show her students what they were missing out of the typical Bat Mitzvah experience. Her students learned about the Jewish soul, spiritual and physical development, conflict between right and wrong — the spiritual and the animalistic– and helped them search for meaningfulness.

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