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About a year ago, the owners of Blu: A Color Salon, Nicole and Charles Gillick, sent me a picture of a beet salad – or what was left of it, anyway.

Like most well-eaten meals, the only thing remaining on the plate was the smear of beet juice, and it provided a stark contrast to the porcelain white plate. Most people would have pushed the dish aside and moved onto dessert, but the Gillicks saw inspiration in the simple beauty, and in that moment, a new vision for Blu: A Color Salon.


The salon had already planned to move locations, and a major renovation was inevitable. Blu literally took their new home down to the studs, so it was appropriate that they do the same with their brand.

Liz Davenport Creative handled the company’s rebrand a few years ago, and so they reached out to us again to redo Blu’s arsenal of collateral material.

Gillick said she wanted Blu to be a bit of a mystery and move away from the literal idea of blue in its brand.

Using beet red as a starting point, we set out to desaturate the photographs used in the print and web materials and highlight red lips.

We also used the red in the logo’s hair dye “stain.”

We stuck to a simple black, white, gray and red color scheme and the new Blu was born.

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