Boy with dirt on face

Early last week, I went outside and found two bags of potting soil torn open. The dirt spilled out onto the yard. The bags had been dragged a few feet from their storage site and just carelessly ripped apart. The sight caught me a bit off guard because earlier that day, a thief attempted to break into my neighbor’s house, and I was already on alert for the unusual. Surely a would-be thief wouldn’t climb our fence and root through our dirt, right?

It had to be the mutt or the toddler. But Ramsey couldn’t drag the bag out from it’s storage site, and surely Alden wasn’t strong enough. Plus, he was with me most of the time. And Ramsey wasn’t dirty (or dirtier than usual).

The clues just didn’t add up.

So we did what any good detective would do. We kept our eyes on the suspects.


Alden Davenport, a 21-month old troublemaker from Kansas City, MO.

Alden Davenport


Ramsey, a 10-year-old boxer who has been known to steal steaks directly from oven, pee on carpet and has had several successful escape attempts in the past.

A boxer

More than a week went by before a break in the case. But the culprits, co-conspirators, were caught red-handed and dirty-footed.


child's feet in dirt

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  1. I didn’t think his athletic prowess would be evident so early. Very cute story and those photos are brilliant.

    1. Liz Davenport Post
  2. Liz Davenport Post

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