A Bit of Inspiration with a Pinch of a Challenge

self portrait - legs

Wrapped in plain cardboard, a package awaited me on my front stoop Saturday. I knew its contents even from my driveway. Communication Arts has become my favorite read, and its telltale shape always sticks out from the pile of bills and junk mail.

self portrait - legs

A gift from my Uncle Mikel, the quarterly magazine covers typography, design, illustration and photography and serves as a source of inspiration. (In fact, I used it just the other day while designing a business card for a client.)

As an artist, my uncle knows the value of having sources that can awaken one’s creativity. Among other things, he’s a renowned jewelry designer, cartoonist and publisher.

It’s always exciting to know someone who’s successfully followed their dreams—especially when they’re family.

Anyone Wanna Play?

Scrapbooker Amy Tangerine originally posted this 30-day photo challenge in August 2011, but I just saw it on Pinterest a few days ago. Thought what the heck.

Using it as stimulation, I’ll post the past week’s pictures to my Make Art blog every Wednesday this month. (Obviously, the one showcased in today’s blog is the self-portrait.)

Join me if you want. Just send me your pictures (72 dpi, please) to liz@lizdavenportcreative.com, and if I have any takers, I’ll add them to the post.

  1. self-portrait
  2. what I wore
  3. clouds
  4. favorite color
  5. someone I love
  6. childhood memory
  7. something new
  8. technology
  9. faceless self-portrait
  10. something I made
  11. something fun
  12. close-up
  13. from a distance
  14. flowers
  15. my shoes
  16. what I ate
  17. on the shelf
  18. in my bag
  19. where I slept
  20. what I read
  21. pretty pattern
  22. trees
  23. sunset
  24. a smile
  25. sunflare
  26. something old
  27. after dark
  28. daily routine
  29. something purchased
  30. in motion

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