Self-Doubt: Like Flies to Flesh

I’m overcome with self-doubt.


Self doubt gets to us all eventually.

It’s eating away at my flesh—flies to a fresh kill.

I’m sure tomorrow, I’ll again be confident—resolute in my decisions and abilities, but right now, I’m hesitant and questioning.

The problem is, I don’t understand why.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in journalism. I’ve earned a graphic design certificate from a prestigious fine arts college and logged thousands of hours as a marketing and communications professional.

At what point do I start to feel like the expert?

At what point do I, pardon the pun, stand tall?

Someone challenged my method this week, and immediately, I felt like a young student gaping wide-eyed in front of an all-knowing professor. In crept that pesky self-doubt.

Perhaps it’s always OK to examine whether or not I’ve provided the correct answer or created spot-on material.

I just can’t question myself in the process.

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